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wigwam and beanpod are going to have a fabby weekend!

OK! i have been waiting for this forever. me and linnaea and our own little party. yes yes yes this in wonderful! dare i say i kind of want to invite murphy? i kind of want to. but i feel liek if i don't i'll be a lot less stressed out and this weekend will be totally chill. i will get junk food. i will try to find some vanilla chai soy milk! we hsoudl totally go grocery shopping together! my mom said i coudl live at your house i think. umm if you think of any precautions for our privacy and trouble-proof-no-mad-parent-ness you let me know. now it's time for my own list
1. SLO. that is all.
2. explore the nieghborhood and find our own cool nook
3. tan if it is warm?
4. i have a bottle of.....SPARKLING CIDER! hahah made you look. but i really do i'll try to make it hang around
5. work on surfergirlchic style for the bonfire. well only you cuz the rest of us need to look nondescript and prefereably invisable
6. hookups. sorry linnaea, you got thsi one...;) any big germans w/ stuuuuuff? haha
7. morning after beach study session ;)
8. must find out Caleb's work schedule!
9. ummm 9 bottles of victoria love spell? haha jk jk
10. i had to make it to ten!!! have a sweet techno party
i love you dude and i miss you like a handsome kid loves cake. <3
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