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a to do list

1. get illegal substances. haha ok, well not illegal ones cuz stupid cheerleaders get drugtests? haha.
2. go to SLO, window shop, try on ridiculously pretty clothes, and then sit in Linnaea's cafe and drink chai things made of soy.
3. homework at the beach.
4. sleep on the trampoline?
5. make a fabby music mix for linnaea if my burner EVER starts to work.
6. go on a nighttime walk and get the shit scared out of us by things that go bump in the night.
7. hook a drummer up with a cheerleader ;)
8. have the ex cheerleader get a LOT of phonecall sfrom a basist

that is all for now. i htink i totally repeated all of that from last time. basically i think we should just drive around for the majority of the day cuz we can and no one willknow. bring a camera or a vid camera. it will be fun. i am so excited and pissed that none of this will happen soon. :S
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