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more plannnnns

ok so friday night. i'm gonna call you immediatley and it will be nice. ok friday night i say if caleb has not work he coudl come over for a tiny amount of time...and then we watch movies/buffy galore and eat pizza and keep marianne away from your yummy soda. yes very chill. then you go test in the morning and make you a yummy something. and then saturday night we will make a nice appearance at the Matt's barn casa and then afterwards we can do fun things till all hours (midnight trampoline jumping anoyone?) we coudl even sleep under the twinkly balls of gas that some would call starssss. and of course have random dance parties all day long....and explore. and go on midnight walks.....and.....oh excitation!!! lol is that even a word? if it is i bet it's a dirty one....nevertheless......that's all quite good no? and if it's sunny we should tan. ok miss you darling and if i knew how to make a heart i would! mwah!
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